Latest Trends in Coffee

Mocha latte frappe with a vanilla shot and extra whipped cream? Or double espresso straight up? Whatever way you #espressoyourself, Melbournians all have a shared love of the humble coffee bean. While you may be loyal to your local café, or have your favourite barista (you know, the extremely handsome one with the beard and that delicious man bun…) we’ve rustled up some hot new coffee trends which will definitely get your taste buds flowing!

Pour Over

One of the more well-known trends in coffee is the pour over. In short, pour over involves using ground coffee beans, which are placed into a rinsed filter fitted with a filter holder or cone, which is placed over a cup or other vessel. Aficionados say that continuously pouring water (heated to very specific temperatures) over the grounds, rather than “flooding” them, extracts more flavour.
Cold Brew
When making a cold brew, you are essentially replacing boiling water with cold water, and brewing the coffee beans for an extended period of time, for over 12 hours or longer, before the filtering process can occur. This allows certain oils and fatty acids which would normally be extracted from the heat of the boiling water to remain within the bean itself, resulting in a smoother mouthfeel. Also with the lower caffeine count, you won’t be getting those post-flat white jitters!
Nitro Coffee
Have you had your nitro coffee yet? Nitro coffee is exactly what it sounds like – coffee infused with nitrogen gas. The high pressure force used when releasing it through a pressurised valve creates an almost creamy, foam like consistency, much like your perfect pint of stout! For the beer drinkers out there, this is one brew that should definitely be next in line after your morning latte!


Bulletproof Coffee
Coffee. Butter. Oil. These are not the traditional ingredients you find in a cappuccino. Health gurus swear by this new-age phenomenon, citing its powers to trigger weight loss through inducing the body into a state of ketosis (triggering your metabolic system by reducing your overall carbohydrates). Additionally, it has been said to improve overall brain function, thanks to the high-calorie (460 of them!) good fat count. We can’t say for certain if this innovative way to drink coffee is going to take off…but its #betterlattethannever to test it out!

Matcha Latte
#Iloveyousomatcha!! Matcha is Japanese powdered green tea leaves. It is nutrient-rich and THREE times as caffeinated as regular green tea bags (perfect before your 9am meeting!). It is also prized for being rich in antioxidants, and provides a ‘calm alertness’ without those nasty coffee jitters! However, don’t be fooled into thinking that those matcha brownies you ate yesterday are such a health food!
Rainbow Latte
Baristas take note! This new craze is the perfect way to #espressoyourself and expand on your latte art skill set! First came the beetroot and turmeric lattes, and now we’ve hit all the colours of the rainbow! Melbourne is now the forerunner of coffee art, and the rainbow latte (using food dye in the latte art process) to add an extra visually appealing dimension to Melbourne’s favourite drink. We’ll be signing up for barista lessons tomorrow!
FYI, we like our coffees like we like our baristas…strong, sweet and deliciously smooth.