The Tech Age: Taking Your Event Online

So long snail mail! See ya later pen and paper! Gone are the days where event managers and event production companies rely on humble tools to effectively manage their events. Technology has not only immersed itself into our daily event-planning lives, but it has almost replaced every management system we use in planning ours, as well as our clients’ events. Paperless post, emails and ipdas have reinvented the way we manage our day to day lives and events. Think you want to hop on board the technology train for your next event? Here are our go-to online tools that will help you plan your next occasion!

Tickets, Please

Online ticketing websites such as Eventbrite allow you to plan, promote and sell tickets to your event with ease! Eventbrite is essentially a self-service online ticketing and registration platform for events, of all scales. Event hosts can easily organise their event online by filling in all relevant details, and publish the event across soother social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter! Thinking of planning that gala dinner for 500 people? Your ticketing woes are now well taken care of!

Photo FOMO!

We’ve all been there. The photographer took the BEST photo which you are desperate to upload online to every social media platform – you ask the photographer and he ‘promises’ to send it to you asap. You end up waiting…and waiting…and waiting…and still weeks later no photo. Now you will have photo FOMO (fear of missing out) no longer!! FREE online app CapsuleCam is the number one photo sharing app that allows groups of friends and family (or even suppliers and clients) to automatically upload photos from an event, and imports them into one shared album. No more chasing people for photos – you simply have to ask all those involved in the event to download the app – and you’ll have all the photos at your fingertips!


Everyone, who is anyone these days has a social media account of some sort. Social media is a particularly useful tool for event planning, particularly if you’re marketing costs are limited, or if you want to reach a particular demographic (social savvy hispters anyone?). Some ways in which we, at LTL utilise social media as an event production tool range from creating an event or client hashtag (#LAVAZZAAUS), advertising pre and post production snippets that highlight the magic of the event, and sneaky uploads showing what’s coming next! The possibilities are literally endless, and we are constantly inspired by what we see on Instagram, Pintrest, Tumbler and more! There’s no denying the power of social media. #watchthisspace.

One stop shop!

Love being on top of every single little detail? Love having every management tool at your fingertips? Bizzabo will change your life! Bizzabo is the one stop shop management and marketing tool designed to give you burgeoning event planners the perfect reason to get online and create your next event! Not only can you create an online website for your event, but Bizzabo allows you to also sell tickets, create an email marketing campaign and on-site check in and registration for any event. Guests to your event can access the event details and utilise the website’s ticketing system by conveniently downloading the app! Easy to use, and all in one. What more could any event planner ask for?

If you’d prefer the human-human interaction (over a coffee perhaps?) We’d love to hear from you directly! Call us to plan your next big event!