8 Reasons To Get Married In Winter

During the peak summer months, it often feels like you’re wedding hopping! Our social calendars are jam packed with wedding after wedding after wedding (and maybe an engagement or two). The cold and dreary winter months are not often thought of as a popular time of the year to get married, but we say dare to be different! Don’t just think outside the box, go out and smash it! Here are our top eight reasons to plan a wonderful winter wedding.

1. It’s all about the venue!

Winter weddings fall within the fresh and exciting time of year where you will have your pick of venues and dates to choose from! Instead of dealing with booked-out venues during the summer months, the winter off-season means that venues have plenty of availability, and are extremely flexible.

2. Money makes the world go ‘round.

While we may all want the Cinderella wedding, our wallets may require us to be a bit more careful with our spending! However, winter weddings often allow for some wiggle room, as suppliers may be more open to negotiations in price. Also, venues often have varied (and cheaper!) minimum spends during the winter season. This means you can re-allocate some of your budget to other areas like cocktails and flowers…. the honeymoon… (or the wedding dress!).

3. Honeymoon in Europe.

Let’s be real here for a second. Who hasn’t dreamed about eating a Nutella gelato strolling down the cobble-stone streets of Capri in the south of Italy for their honeymoon? (We certainly have!). Having a winter wedding means you can plan that dream honeymoon to Europe, or some other fabulous and summery destination during that time of year. While summer honeymoons in Australia are just as enticing, you will at least have the option to indulge in a little overseas vacation!

4. Rain, rain go away.

Let’s face it, Melbourne winters are not entirely pleasant. Your guests are aware it’s going to be cold. They will come prepared, coats and umbrellas in hand.  As long as you have heating, or even a roaring fire, your guests will arrive, rain hail or snow! And what’s more, they’ll be extremely ready for that sneaky cocktail on arrival!

5. Picture perfect.

Say Cheeeeeeeeeese! Even though you might feel a little chill in the air, winter sunlight provides the perfect natural light for photos. Take advantage of the romantic setting by having your photos earlier in the day, and you’ll walk away with some beautiful snaps (minus the sunburn, sweat and humidity!) Bonus points for later – you can capture the perfect sunset as your guests arrive at the reception!

6. I accept! Or I do!

As the winter season is often extremely busy for business (EOFY drinks anyone…) your guests won’t be missing your wedding due to summer holidays, or even worse, another wedding! It’s likely that most, if not all of your guests will reply ‘attending’. It will be the most exciting event in their winter social calendar!

7. Winter wonderland.

A winter wedding allows you to experiment with a multitude of winter themes and design. Perhaps you’re after the simplicity of all white winter elegance? If you prefer a sultry and romantic ambiance, dramatic black drapery, roaring fires and red satin will be your go-to textures…or, a la Matthew McConaughey, you may choose to ‘frost yourself’ and opt for sparkling lights, and glittering sophistication. Creativity is on your side and the choice is yours!

8 Martini, shaken not stirred.

The winter season is the perfect time to get cocktail-creative! Instead of the vodka bar, why not mulled wine and hot toddies? Think Irish coffees and spiked hot chocolate instead of the traditional champagne, wine and beer. Spread the warmth inside and out…and then hit the dancefloor!

After some help in creating your perfect winter wedding? Call us, and we’ll get the ball rolling!