The Perfect Venue – Top 8 Deal-Breakers

Finding that ‘perfect’ venue is like finding that ‘perfect’ pair of Spanx to wear under that ‘perfect’ dress for your date next weekend – time consuming, and sometimes uncomfortably awkward in certain areas… But don’t fret, we have you covered! Here are our top 8 things to look for when searching for that ‘perfect’ venue.

Or, if you want us to take the pressure off you (with the venue…not the spanx…) you know where to find us!

1. Vibe

The vibe is often the deal breaker in finding the perfect venue for your event. If you are planning an intimate dinner for 20 at a high-end restaurant, choosing the grungy dive bar may not be the most ideal setting. Likewise, if you’re planning a gala dinner, you would need different venue specifications than you would normally have for a corporate conference. The atmosphere is the result of all the elements of your event coming together to create the overall ‘vibe’ of the event. The lighting, styling, layout, size, temperature, entertainment, food and of course…that perfect espresso martini. We say, whatever vibe you’re going for…make it your own!

2. Styling & Aesthetic

Styling, design, décor or aesthetic…however you want to put it, the creativity that you put into the venue is vital to the overall success of the event. While the venue may have certain restrictions as to the way in which you can design and decorate, the creative possibilities are limitless! Do you want all white, or full blown floristry? Perspex tables and chairs add a touch of modern minimalism, while lush leather armchairs provide a sense of the ‘old world’. Lighting lends itself to both dramatic flair and soft romantic moods, while candles can offer a touch of glamour as well as understated beauty. You’re only limited by your own creativity – but keep in mind that styling is often the area which can blow out the budget so maybe think twice before you order those aerial acrobats!

3. Staff

Difficult people are everywhere, in every industry. We have all had those terrible customer service experiences where we have been treated badly, spoken to rudely, or simply, not given the time of day. This does not fly with us. When choosing a perfect venue, your overall experience can depend heavily on how well or how poorly the staff treat you, and meet your needs. The venue manager, and associated staff should provide you with the utmost respect and professionalism at all times. The staff are there to make your event come to life, and to make the process as easy and enjoyable for you as possible. We say, any ounce of attitude, and run, don’t walk, the other way immediately! 

4. Catering & Taste

Let’s face it. With all your gluten / dairy / egg / wheat intolerant, vegan paleo guests, designing a menu suitable for everyone is near impossible! What’s more, with so many #foodtrends showing what’s current and popular, you’ll really need to get your creativity juices flowing with accommodating everyone’s needs! Whether it’s a gourmet degustation, hearty ‘dude-food’, or health conscious kale smoothies, the catering sets the tone for the night to come – take the time to meet the catering team, ask for a tasting, and never, never skimp on the espresso martinis!

5. Size & Numbers

Can the venue accommodate your entire guest list?? Will you need to make alternate seating arrangements if you’re struggling to cut down numbers? If you’re thinking sit down for a 500+ event, you might want to consider cocktails and canapés instead…While size and numbers are one of the first indicators of a venue’s viability, it is the perfect opportunity to think outside the box in terms of the type of event you want to create!

6. Cost

They say money makes the world go ‘round…but most, if not all of us, are constrained by that ‘B’ word…a Budget. However, having a budget is not necessarily a bad thing! Budgets allow you to keep track, and have a very clear focus on what you are, and are not willing to spend money on for your event, be it food, décor, entertainment, or having that new and extremely exclusive venue. Our tip? Once you have a potential figure in mind, shop around! Get quotes from different suppliers and venues, and compare them to figure out who will give you the most bang for your buck!

7. Services & Facilities

We all want that venue that comes with everything – in house or preferred catering, bathrooms (CLEAN bathrooms), the perfect lighting, the late night alcohol license, air-con, heating, table and table-settings, cleaning services, in house AV/Tech capabilities…the list is endless! Our advice? Ask, ask and ask again! A good venue manager will tell you exactly what the venue has, and what needs to be brought in. While it is always ideal to have a venue that caters to every little whim, sometimes, you may have your own list of preferred suppliers! In that case, don’t be afraid to ask if the venue can accommodate your preferences!

8. Location

We can’t say this enough…location location location!! Is your event conveniently located near public transport? Is there parking nearby? Is the venue situated within an area that your guests can easily access? Can you easily call for an Uber or Taxi down that alley way? Is the venue easily accessible for BOTH your suppliers and guests? If you’re planning an event out of any CBD location, do you need to consider organising transport for your guests? A convenient location means different things to different people, and for different events! It is always a good idea to make sure your guests, staff and suppliers can easily access the venue!