Back To Black

As the old adage goes, things are not always as simple as black and white. However, we, at Larger Than Life believe that sometimes, the beauty of black often lies within its own simplicity. This dear friends, is why we have chosen, to go back to black.


We can already hear you question…why black? Why choose such a sombre tone to reinvent the image of the always colourful, innovative, purposeful and collaborative team that is Larger Than Life?  We, at Larger Than Life perceive black, in all its shadowy complexities, to be, powerful, confident and timeless – qualities which we aspire to personify, and will continue to embody moving forward with you by our side.


In choosing the colour black as a representation of who we are, we sought to extract meaning of “what is black” from our surrounding lives…from its historic significance…to its current meaning in societal trends of food, art and fashion. To understand black in all its contrasting, complimenting and above all striking glory, the only way to do so was to go back to black (and who knows we may even answer the question of why Melbourne is so black).


Historically, the colour Black has been inextricably linked to emotion – fear, power, mystery, mourning, strength and control. The shade is used not only as a creative tool to highlight and contrast defined elements, but it creates complexities within it’s own shadowy dimensions. Artists manipulate our emotions through their use of Black, not only to create swirls of ethereal mystery, but to create a core focal point – Black is no longer just a deep void of negative space, it now has it’s own inexplicable meaning, and serves a purpose, albeit one we all interpret differently.

Within fashion, we associate Black with heightened sophistication – namely, the “little black dress” made famous by Coco Chanel. French fashion houses of Dior, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent and Givenchy all famously share the iconic ‘Black and White’ identity. They do not need to create points of difference from one another through contrasting colours, shapes and dimensions. Their shared affection for the simplicity of a ‘Black and White’ identity proves that they too perceive Black as we do: timeless, sophisticated and capable. There are no colourful frills, adornments or gaudy design, just a ‘Black and White’ commitment to the honesty of who they are, and what they represent.


When considering the power of Black in our own fashion identities, something as simple as our ‘little black dresses’ are far more complex than they appear. Those little black dresses make us feel powerful, confident, and sexy, fortifying that inextricable connection between the way we choose to project ourselves on the outside, reflecting the emotions we feel on the inside. We have altered our perceptions of something once perceived with such negativity, into a positive tool designed to generate power, strength and above all, character.


It is THOSE qualities which have influenced Larger Than Life, to go back to black, in reinventing who we are. While we have style, we do not prioritise it over substance. We are creative, but we are steadfast, and always deliver on what we promise. We are a strong, powerful and capable team, grounded in our commitment to creating moments that will live forever in your memories.


We are back, and in black. We are, Large Than Life.