Here Comes The Kale

‘Kale’, ‘green juice’ and ‘yoga’ are not usually terms that are synonymous with the word ‘wedding’.  Sure, you might hear the bride talk of getting her chakra into alignment as she sips her $12 green smoothie during her ‘shedding for her wedding’ phase… but you wouldn’t imagine actually drinking a wheatgrass shot on the dance floor would you?

Weddings have become synonymous with, rich and gourmet foods, lavish wedding cakes, long and lazy grazing tables filled with indulgent sweets, and enough free-flowing alcohol to give you that particularly horrendous hangover that lasts until next week (and don’t worry, we have photos to prove you were in FINE form at the vodka bar).

Not for Jessica Sepel.

Australian health and wellness guru Jessica Sepel recently married the love of her life in an intimate ceremony in Koh Samui, offering guests the opportunity to experience the couple’s healthy lifestyle. Lavish and gourmet wedding buffets were replaced with clean vegan fare, greens in abundance, and delicious fresh fish. Raw green and vegetable juices provided a healthier alternative to alcohol. On the plus side, guests were actually able to make it to the morning yoga class without that nasty hangover in the morning.

Ensuring we live a healthy and balanced lifestyle is more than just a societal trend. Dedicated ‘healthies’ like Jessica Sepel, feel that their commitment and dedication to a healthy lifestyle now transcends the barrier between everyday life and special occasions, and in fact, use those special occasions to inspire those closest to them, to share in that lifestyle as well. 

Leading a healthy lifestyle is not a fad. However, creating a ‘cleaner’ and ‘healthier’ wedding certainly breaks the traditional mould. Will green juice replace champagne entirely… we can’t say. However, waking up the day after
without a hangover wouldn’t be so terrible either.

Our golden rule? It’s your wedding. Do as you please.  Have your cake
and kale….and eat them too.