Plant-A-Tree Initiative

At Larger Than Life, we care about creating a better future for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, which is why we are proud to partner with Carbon Neutral on their Plant-a-Tree Program.

According to Save Green, one mature tree will support two humans for a lifetime, while assisting to remove toxins such as carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, as well as creating habitat and food for our native wildlife. The Plant-a-Tree Program enables businesses and organisations to fund the planting of mixed native species in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor, which is located in Western Australia. Check out this video to see some of the incredible work they are doing. 

We are committed to planting trees on behalf of our clients for every project we complete. Our goal is to plant over 1000 trees by December 2020.

By doing so, we will achieve:
– 150 tonnes of carbon emissions removed from the atmosphere
– Approximately 3000 humans supported with oxygen throughout their lifetime

Planting trees allows us to give back to our environment in addition to providing our clients with a sustainable framework of suppliers to partner with for their projects, that both help protect the environment and reduce waste. We’ll be sharing more on this very soon!